Forklifts for any Industry Type

All successful companies have one thing in common - they are the best because they follow best practices. Our extensive range of quality forklifts are specifically engineered for certain application areas and work environments. Automating your business with a forklift that is specifically designed for your industry means you will save time, money and resources. Just like you would hire the best possible person to work in your company, so do you need to buy the best possible equipment.

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Our Forklift Range

We offer a comprehensive range of Industry Specific forklifts for sale. We sell some of the leading forklifts brands in the world for sale. A forklift truck (also called a lift truck, a fork truck, or a forklift) is a high powered industrial truck used to lift and move materials over short distances. Not only does a forklift save you valuable time, but reduces overhead costs like wages, sub contractors and equipment hire. See how our range of forklifts can save you time and money and give you the competitive advantage.

Our Narrow Aisle Forklifts are the ideal solution for high density warehouses. As its name implies, a narrow aisle forklift can reach places most other forklifts cannot.

Compared to conventional industrial forklifts, truck-mounted forklift trucks or piggy back forklifts are lighter and more agile. This means they can be used in places where accessibility is a challenge.

Our 4x4 offroad forklifts goes just about anywhere. If you own a farm, mining company, salvage yard or lumber company then our range of off-road forklifts are for you.

Forklift Brands For Sale

We only offer the highest quality forklifts for sale. Our forklift brands are widely considered as market leaders in the forklift industry.

Forklifts for Agriculture & Farming

These forklifts are specifically designed for farms in South Africa. Being full 4x4, these offroad forklifts will go just about anywhere.

Forklifts for Warehouses

Warehouses in South Africa are becoming smaller and smaller. For this reason you need a narrow aisle forklift that uses less space to turn and that can reach higher,all while keeping your staff safe.

Forklifts for Suppliers of Material & Goods

Increase your deliveries to suppliers with a piggy-back forklift. We have specific piggy back forklifts available for each industry.

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